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D30 ISNIN, 18 Mac 2019 BIL 1222 DIDIK Oleh Cikgu Harraz [email protected] − Bahasa Inggeris Pemahaman WH QUESTIONS AND NEWS REPORT NOTES 3 Arman: Iqbal : I lost my money. Why Who Whose When aren’t you going to canteen? 5 ________________________________________________________________ ? I prefer the blue beg. A B C D We use questions when we want to find out more informatio­n about A question begins with a question word. ‘WH’ people and things. ‘WH’ Exercise 3 Read the news report and answer the questions that follow. ≤ What is used for people and things. 4 is your English teacher? ● ● What is the boy’s name? What is it? A B C D Whom Who What Why Puchong, Tuesday - Cricket Super 8 Inter-school Under-12 Tournament was held yesterday for primary school pupils in the Petaling Perdana District. The tournament was held at the school field of SK Puchong Utama 2. The tournament was organized jointly by Armani Sdn. Bhd and Petaling Perdana Education Department. There were eight teams that took part in the tournament and they are among the best teams in the district. ≤ Who and identify them. ● ● ● ● Whom are used to ask about people or to Who were you talking to? Who took my book? Whom did you see? To whom did you give it? 5 many times do you shower in a day? A B C D Where Which Whose How The game started at 8 o’clock in the morning. The tournament was officially launched by the Headmistre­ss of SK Puchong Utama 2, Puan Hajah Suzana Binti Abdul Latip. In her speech, she hoped that all the players taking part in the tournament will be playing with full sports spirits. Each team that participat­ed work hard to win the tournament. The tournament was won by SK Puchong Utama 2 after beating SK Puchong Jaya 2 in the final. Sk Seksyen 9 won the third prize. Dzulhelmi Bin Dzulkeflee from SK Puchong Utama 2 won the best bowler and overall best player. ≤ Whose is used to ask the owner of something is. The difference with who is that it is always followed by a noun. ● ● who 6 will your uncle from Australia be coming? A B C D When Where What Which Whose car is that? Whose chocolate is that? ≤ Why is used to ask about something or about the reason. ● ● 7 Manmeet : Simran : I like pop songs. Whose When What How kind of music do you like? Why were you late? Why were they late? A B C D Datuk Armani, the Managing Director of Armani Sdn. Bhd. presented all the presents. The winners were presented with money and medals. After the prize giving, all those participat­ed were treated lunch with a wide variety of dishes and local cakes. ≤ When is used to ask about time or date. ● ● When did you start working here? When will Aliyah come to our house? 8 is the fastest way to reach the post office? What When Why Whom ≤ Which is used to ask about a choice. A B C D ● ● Which do you prefer, tea or coffee? Which bag do you want? Tick (✓) the correct answer. ≤ Where is used to ask about a place. (a) The tournament was held at ______________. SK Puchong Utama 2 SK Puchong Jaya 2 Sk Seksyen 9 ● ● Where do you live? Where are all the boys? 9 did you meet just now? A B C D Whose What When Whom ≤ How is used to ask about an amount, the way something is done or to find out about the condition of someone or something. ● ● ● ● How much is the price of the car? How many people involved in the accident? How was your holiday? How is your new house? (b) Which students 11 years old 12 years old 13 years old can’t take part in the tournament? 10 is your father? A B C D Who What When Why (c) Which team was the champion and the runners up in the tournament? Exercise 1 Exercise 2 _________________________________________________________________ Choose the best answer from the given options. Write a question to match the given response. Write your answers in the space provided. _________________________________________________________________ 1 newspaper do you read every day? A B C D Why Who Which When 1 ________________________________________________________________ ? My friend’s name is Qamilia. (d) When was lunch served to all the players? _________________________________________________________________ 2 ________________________________________________________________ ? I saw her mother at the market. _________________________________________________________________ 2 is the best place to have dinner? (e) Why do you think Pn Hajah Suzana Binti Abdul Latip asked the players to play with full of sports spirit? A B C D Whose Where How Whom 3 ________________________________________________________________ ? My grandmothe­r is better now. _________________________________________________________________ 4 ________________________________________________________________ ? I gave the books to my class teacher. _________________________________________________________________

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