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Skor : 33 : 7


BIL 830 Rabu, 14 Ogos 2019 Bahasa Inggeris Paper 1 SKOR 7 By Madam Jojo [email protected] Section B : Continuous Writing marks] [Time suggested: [50 One hour] about 350 words one Write a compositio­n of on of the following topics. − − − − − − END OF EXAMINATIO­N PAPER By Madam Leen [email protected] four Section A, Section B, Section C Section D. 2 1. 2. This question paper consists of sections: Answer sections in this question paper. and all 'Forgetful' mum returns to a dead child SUBANG JAYA: A three-year-old girl was found dead after her mother apparently forgot that her daughter was inside the car when she left for work. It is learnt that Nawal Iris Shamsudin’s 32-year-old mother Norzaitusy Hazwa, who is believed to be a teacher, was supposed to send the child to the nursery. Section A marks] [Time suggested minutes] [15 :25 1 (NST – 20/7/2013) Students’ Television Preference­s What had happened to the little girl? She was sent to the nursery She had to attend a meeting A B C D She was suffocated to death She was still sleeping in the car Romance stories 3 Family stories Thriller Detective stories 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% What should you do if you see this sign? Make a U-turn Turn your car around A quarter of the students love thriller. family stories. A B C D Do not make a U-turn Do not turn your car around A B C D romance stories. detective stories. → 1. 2. This questions paper consists of two sections: Section A and Section B. Answer both sections. Section A : Directed Writing [35 marks] [Time suggested :45 minutes] You have just bought a large plasma television from a popular electrical shop but when it was delivered to your home, you found some problems with it. Write a letter of complaint to the manager of the shop. Use the notes to write to the manager of the shop. Give details of what you bought Product: – SUNNY 50” Plasma TV – Model Number – 1007Y – Price – RM 4999.00 Describe the problems with the product Problems: – Switch on button - flashed on and off – Failed to operate recording function – Inoperativ­e auto-switch channels – Malfunctio­ned pre-recorded feature Suggested solution Requests: One year guarantee Repair unit: No charges OR[ suggest a solution] OR[ suggest a solution] In your letter, you must lay out the letter (addresses, date, salutation, title, closure, signature) use all the notes given remember it is a letter of complaint Note: For your letter you will receive up to 15 marks for the format and content points and up to 20 marks for the quality of your writing. 1 2 3 4 5 Describe a visit to an abandoned house and how you felt about it. Eating home cooked meal is better than eating outside food. Do you agree? Why do you think mobile phone is very important to everyone? Write a story about how your best friend left you, ending it with these words; “ was time to move on with my own life.” “Home Sweet Home”. Describe the place that you call home.

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