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BIL 830 Rabu, 14 Ogos 2019 Bahasa Inggeris Paper 2 SKOR 8 By Madam Leen [email protected] → 4 Questions 9 to 15 best are based on the following passage. Choose the answer to fill in each blank. TAWAU: The number of women in the police force is insufficie­nt and estimated at about 10 percent only. I had been looking forward to the trip for weeks, as it would be my first visit to a forest reserve. It was a nature study trip, organised by a local children's magazine. My elder brother had been allowed to go on the trip and, after a great deal of my parents allowed me to go along too. Finally, the day arrived. My mother drove down to the bus station where we could see lots of other children with their parents. The bus engine was already running and some of the children were it. Quickly, we scrambled out of the car and joined the other children. My brother told my mother that she should go home but she just parked her car by the side of the road and waited for us to leave. Then, at last we were After a two-hour journey, we arrived at the forest reserve. All I could see were lots of tall trees. One of the adults started pointing out the different of trees to the children and some of the children wrote the names. However, others became bored and wandered off to look around on their own. District Police Chief ACP Fadil Bin Marsus said policewome­n play important roles in the police force despite small numbers. The manpower of policewome­n is still inadequate in streamlini­ng the police force and overcoming challenges such as various trends of modern cross-border crime in today’s transforma­tion era. ___9___, ___10___ their ___11___ ___12___ http://www.theborneop­ ___13___! ___14___ their What does the word refer to? The District Police Chief The policewome­n ___15___ A B C D The police force The manpower 9 A B C D 11 A B C D 13 A B C D 15 A B C D decision assurance persuasion co-operation wait waits waited waiting out off on of down off on up 5 10 A B C D 12 A B C D 14 A B C D us we me him entering boarding climbing ascending specimens creations varieties species Section B marks] [Time suggested minutes] [10 :25 Questions 16 to 25. If you are given this notice, what should you do? Stay back after school Meet the teacher after school Have a class discussion after school Stay back after school with your friends Read the following text and answer the questions that follow. A B C D RAHSIA Using the Malay moniker that literally means ‘secret’, this restaurant conveys an environmen­t that is exactly that. Situated on Sheikh Abdul Malek Road, potential customers need to be alert or they may miss the restaurant altogether! This restaurant caters to people who are interested in Western and Italian dishes. Hidden from view unless you are looking for it, this open air establishm­ent offers a contradict­ion in layout and design. The darkened interior promotes a close, almost romantic ambience yet the place is surrounded by quotes from the Holy Book, providing a more religious bent in your gastronomi­c adventure. 6 Yourolvely breakfast A L W A Y S FRESH Rahsia offers a wide selection of food but certain selections pop out of the pages of the simple A4 paper menu. The writer highly recommends trying their signature mashed potatoes accompanie­d by a drink called ‘Air Jahak’ or ‘evil water’ in the local dialect. They also offer some of the best spaghetti dishes in the town. The spaghetti alfredo with mushrooms and chicken strips is a definite must have. The serving may look small, but all the dishes on offer are usually adequate to fill any stomach. Be warned though. This restaurant, as ‘secret’ as it is, is very popular. Usually they will run out of food by 9.00 p.m. They will also close between 7.00 to 8.00 p.m. to make way for prayers. Closed on Tuesday!! A refund if not fresh! Early birds will get a free donut! The earliest customer will get their refund sweet donuts A B C D a free breakfast a free freshly-baked donut Rahsia opens daily from 5.00 p.m. till 11.00 p.m. except on Thursdays and Fridays. Using the informatio­n from the text, complete the following table. 7 RAHSIA 16 Location No Talking Please 17 Business Time 18 Theme 19 Restaurant Design 20 21 Menu Presentati­on 22 Serving Size When can you see this sign? During school assembly During school session 23 A B C D During examinatio­n During sports day 24 Dishes 25 8 [10 marks] I’m on top of the world! Section C marks] [Time suggested minutes] [25 :50 Questions 26 to 31 are based on the following passage. 1 In early March this year, thunderous roars resonate through the Sepang Internatio­nal Circuit (SIC) as the Petronas Malaysia Formula One Grand Prix stages its round for the season. The event attracts tens of thousands of people, from far and wide, local and foreign, to witness the hottest motor race in Malaysia. What does the boy mean? He is standing on top of the world He is happy blowing his bubbles A B C D He is blowing his bubbles He is feeling ecstatic Lihat muka 9 →

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